Adaptive Leader Program: Developing Thinking Leaders Who Lead Thinking Officers

The late Col. John Boyd was constantly admonishing leaders in the United States to remember that in the field of human competition the three most important determinants of success are People, Ideas and Things – in that order. Identifying and developing good decision makers is the first obligation of any organization – without those decision makers the best ideas will not emerge and cannot succeed. Organizations are already full of potentially brilliant leaders who just need to be unleashed on the problems and opportunities crisis or conflicts are made of. Teaching Adaptability With Outcomes Based Training & Education (OBTE) OBTE is training from the Neck Up and is part of the adaptive Leader program and imparts the concepts and skill set necessary to become an adaptive organization, capable of handling conventional and unconventional crisis and conflict – balancing the harmonized effort of the traditionally centralized structures of organizations with the individual leadership, initiative and creativity found in learning organizations or bottoms up culture. Empower leaders within your organization to seize opportunities and react to threats as they emerge.

This program of instructions, is designed to develop core tangible and intangible competencies that teach police how to think versus telling them what to think, in context with the real world complex problems they are tasked with solving. Adaptability- an effective change to an altered situation; Sensemaking- one’s ability to size up situations; Problem solving- one’s ability to evaluate the adequacy of generated options and or choices; Meta-cognition- also called emotional intelligence or self-awareness that teaches, how to use strategies to monitor and self-regulate learning and cognition and; Attention control- one’s ability to deploy and focus efforts on a chosen course of action are the outcomes we seek in this program.

The Adaptive Leader Program is an exciting first step on the road to creating a fast moving, adaptive organization with dynamic and courageous leadership. We use proven learning methodologies to ensure participants stay fully engaged and involved throughout the five-day session. Our workshops are filled with interactive Tactical Decision Exercises (TDEs), peer assessment and lively analytical discussions creating a safe yet challenging environment for all participants.

See the Adaptive leader program outline for more details and where to contact Fred to arrange training for a police agency or other organizations and community groups:

Fred T. Leland Jr.
Founder and Principle Trainer
Law Enforcement & Security Consulting
Phone: 508-298-2023

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