Adopting Mission Command: Developing Leaders for a Superior Command Culture by Don Vandergriff

Adopting Mission Command

Don Vandergriff in his latest book Adopting Mission Command: Developing Leaders for a Superior Command Culture due out in September 2019, dives deep into the history of Mission Command and how to adopt it to organizational cultures. You want your cops to take joy in responsibility, of policing a free society? Then, teach them, trust them, and let them do their jobs. Applying the ideas in this book will help you do just that.

"This book reflects the evolution of my thoughts over the last sixteen years of research and writing. It is the latest in a series of books on the subject (Path to Victory: America’s Army and the Revolution in Human Affairs, Raising the Bar, and Manning the Legions of the United States). I have personally experienced the power of these ideas by implementing them in the numerous organizations that I have lead or served with. The results were incredible, and all because people were empowered to achieve excellence without being told how to do it in an environment conductive to learning and personal growth." ~From the Preface, Adopting Mission Command: Developing Leaders for a Superior Command Culture

Don is a great personal friend and a mentor who has taught me much about innovative ways to develop people who work and have to make timely decisions under pressure. His latest book I have read and highly recommend. It will be a great resource to organizations who need to influence decentralized cultures built on mutual trust. This includes policing.

Here are a few more reviews from those who have had the honor to read it prior to its release:

"Don Vandergriff is leading the fight for Mission Command--the preparation of American Soldiers for informed, independent action in the chaos of 21st Century Warfare. Vandergriff's work reaffirms the truth that in war, the Soldier's mind and spirit are the most decisive weapons." --COL Douglas MacGregor, USA (Ret.), PhD, author of Margin of Victory: Five Battles that Changed the Face of Modern War, Naval Institute Press, 2016

"The best thing about Don Vandergriff's work is that it comes from both a practical and academic foundation. Don has studied the theories and history, but he has also seen them in practical application with his own eyes. He has done it, too. This is what makes Don's writing so valuable for those who are looking to empower individuals, enable decentralized operations, and build trust within their organizations." --Chad R. Foster. Lieutenant Colonel, Armor, Instructor at Department of Military Instruction, US Military Academy at West Point, NY

Don Vandergriff's work and mentorship has made a lasting and lethal impact in teaching adaptability through outcomes to future Green Berets in the US Army's Special Forces Qualification Course. In the execution of Unconventional Warfare in austere combat environments, Mission Command is the ultimate force multiplier. --SFC Ax Foley | SF Ret. Chief Instructor | Master Trainer 1/1 Special Warfare Training Group (SWTG) Ft. Bragg, NC

"With the challenges posed by modern warfare, it is imperative that military leaders understand and be able to implement the fundamentals of Mission Command. Donald Vandergriff and his team have once again provided invaluable insight in to how to make Mission Command a reality." --Jeffrey M. Nail, Sergeant Major, Infantry, United States Army

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