Are You a Tigger, or an Eeyore?

Interesting article or interview I should say in the New York Times back on November 14th a friend told me i should read. Its not specifically written with law enforcement and security in mind but it does speak to leadership and attitudes. How they effect the overall climate of an organization and the organizations overall performance. Something a bit different to get you thinking. The interview is with Mindy Grossman, chief executive of HSN Inc.

“There are a number of things that are really important to me. One — and people laugh that I have this philosophy — is that you only hire Tiggers. You don’t hire Eeyores. It doesn’t mean they have to be loud, but I need energy-givers and I have to get a feeling that this person is going to be able to inspire people. Are they going to be optimistic about where they’re going? Are they going to attract people who are like that?

No. 2 is, will they be able to stand up to me when they believe in something? I’m very passionate. I need people who are going to be able to make me look at things in a different way. So, I have to ask those questions, like, “Give me an instance where you really believed in something and you were able to change the course and it was successful, whatever that was.” That’s really important, because you don’t want people telling you what you already know, or not telling you what you need to know.”

Take a look and see what lessons ly in whether or not your Tigger like exuberance or Eeyore like negativity  has an effect on your perforce and those around you. In the light of the tragic month of valence in November 2009, those of us whose performance can mean life or death should read this article and heed its lessons.

I think there are a lot of lessons we cops (leadership and frontline) can learn.

Stay Oriented!