BOOK: The Little BIG Things 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence By Tom Peters

tomPeters_onsale_167x250 I have been a fan of Tom Peters since I read his 2004 book Re-Imagine: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age. His insights are both in and out of the box, taking from lessons of the past and implementing new thoughts and ideas that lead to innovation making organizations thrive in difficult, uncertain and chaotic times.

The Little BIG things is about the pursuit of excellence, excuse me Excellence (my apologies Tom,) I almost forgot “you never spell EXCELLENCE with a small E.”  Creating and nurturing Excellence has been Tom’s theme since he knows how to get it done.

In his latest book The Little  BIG Things Tom expands on Excellence and how to get there by remembering the little things ( communication, professionalism, resilience, loyalty, learning from failure, influence, opportunity, collaborative efforts, etc),  that have a major impact on performance and effectiveness in individuals that AFFECTS THE ORGANIZATION AND THOSE YOU SERVE.! 

What does Tom Peters, a business guru’s way of thinking have to do with law enforcement and security you might ask? My answer EVERYTHING!

The attention to details that mater in our work is paramount to detecting, deterring, disrupting and responding to crisis. Excellence as a state of mind is paramount to officer safety and survival. To create and nurture full spectrum frontline and full spectrum responses, we must be on top of our game and be able to apply what we know to the rapidly changing circumstances as they unfold. To do so, Excellence must be our constant state of mind!!!

This latest book by Tom Peters will help you create and nurture the winning mindset necessary. I recommend you pick this book up and read it. You will not be disappointed.

He was also a big fan of COL John Boyd and his theories!!!

Stay Oriented!