Book Review: Police Instructor: Deliver Dynamic Presentations, Create Engaging Slides & Increase Active Learning

Police Instructor “Just as police officers are the barbed wire that protects the sheep from the wolves, police instructors are the posts that provide them with a foundation of strength.” ~Richard Neil

Those who follow this blog or who have participated in the training programs LESC provides understand that the methodology we use is based on outcomes based training and education, and adaptive leadership. The mission and intent of the training is to create and nurture law enforcement problem solvers and decision makers utilizing tactical decision games in the form of tabletop exercises, critical question mapping and force on force free play exercises. The feedback we receive from those of you who participate in our blog and trainings tell me these methods work well in developing strategic and tactical decision makers and build the confidence necessary to translate, and apply the concepts, tactics and methods to the street. I am often asked for references to help other instructors in their quest to bring relevant training methods to their officers.

I just finished reading a great book “Police Instructor: Deliver Dynamic Presentations, Create Engaging Slides & Increase Active Learning” by Richard Neil the purveyor of (web-site is a great resource as well) that will help leaders and trainers of law enforcement and security make the best use of their time with methods that will work in your efforts to continually improve individual and organizational adaptability and observation-orientation-decision and action cycles.

Here is the passionate “INTRUCTORS CREED” that Rich passed along with the book, I think tells the whole story he wishes to convey:

“I will not yield to self-pity, uncooperative students, or controversial topics. I will use my experience and wisdom to develop ideas, create discussions, and inspire positive action from my students. They will stand strong against evil because of my example. I will passionately teach my topic if i have one student to teach or one minute left to teach it in. I will involve my students through stories, scenarios, demonstrations, debates, and group exercises. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with other instructors as we fulfill our common cause, to train the finest guardians possible. Society has placed the highest expectations upon me…I will exceed them! 

My belief is that police trainers and police leaders who by the very nature of taking a leadership role are suppose to be trainers, as well, will learn much from this book. I know I have learned much from reading it and will be adding many of the techniques Rich shares and demonstrates in the book to my own training methodologies. One lesson in particular, those of you who know me may get a chuckle out of…

”Keep it Clean” on page 57 offers some great advice I will have to consider:

“The plethora of profanity does not sound professional coming from an instructor who represents the noble profession of law enforcement.  I know I will have arguments with this point, and I must admit  that I once found myself following the cop culture of believing profanity is the only way to get some peoples attention and it’s the only language they understand. Looking back, it should have made as much sense as a helicopter with ejector seats, but i bought into it because I wanted to. I eventually realized it was crappy excuse to be belligerent, and I have not felt the need to use profanity even once since my rookie year.”  I can only promise Rich, to make the effort!

Police Instructor is packed full of great information, exercises, activities and story telling that will make a difference in how you train and prepare. The book is written extremely well and not only will it engage you, it will teach you the critical HOW and WHY behind the methods discussed, as you read. I highly recommend “Police Instructor” to those in law enforcement and security whose job it is to train, prepare and ready their frontline for the complex problems found on the street. It will help you develop programs of instruction that develop the attributes needed to be safe and effective.

Thanks to Richard Neil for putting this great law enforcement and security resource together with dedication and passion.

Stay Oriented!