Boyd and Beyond: From Marine Corps University to FBI National Academy Boyd' Ideas are Expanding

Adaptive Leadership

I had an awesome opportunity to facilitate a workshop on The Adaptive Leadership Methodology for the 259th session of the FBI National Academy. Special thanks to SA Russell Kleber for inviting me down. Don Vandergriff came along as well to assist in facilitating tactical decision games.

Col. John Boyd’s ideas and theories are indeed expanding into the police community. It’s important that these ideas take hold to help reshape the culture of policing which is currently heavily top/down. The threats police face are changing and the methods of leadership and how we decide are crucial to not only winning, but winning at low cost. Our strategy, tactics and operations and how the effect the moral, mental and physical dimensions of conflict are crucial in today’s society. Boyd’s ideas on adaptability and organic design for command and control will be the catalyst for winning on the streets and with the public we serve.


It was an honor and privilege to be able to share the information from our book: The Adaptive Leadership Handbook: Innovative Ways to Teach and Develop Your People with the police leaders from around the world, attending the National Academy.