Chet Richards On Boyd...Is Your Orientation, Matched to Reality?

The folks from Adaptive Leader have another great video with Chet Richards, author, consultant, Boyd associate and strategy guru where he talks about John Boyd, his ideas and applying the OODA loop concept to develop agile, adaptive businesses and leaders.

Chet Richards, talks about how adaptability applies to business in this clip, however the fundamentals he talks about can help any organization, including law enforcement, be more agile and adaptive. Boyd's ideas were all about continued learning, unlearning and relearning and being able to respond, shape and reshape you realty so its current and able to change when reality shifts so we can exploit opportunities in accord with our organizations objectives. This takes people who can think both critically and creatively individually and most especially in groups, what Boyd called harmonizing orientation. Using the tools of common outlook, focus of effort, and mutual trust, we can convert individual orientations into a common orientation, which helps us in our ability to adapt and make effective changes to altered situations. Individual effort that leads to collective power in working together.

A great quote Chet mentions in this clip, "If it stops you from thinking right now run out and burn it." This gets to the question of how do we break out of dogma, ideological thinking, and other things that straight jacket our way of thinking, so we can solve problems on our own based on the unfolding situation verses just following orders or some canned response, all in the service of accomplishing the objectives of the organization. Obviously this implies a certain amount of risk and mutual trust and that those, part of the organization must be excellently trained and posses professional skills. They must also possess a high level of confidence in their abilities and in their leaders and all members must be proud to be part of the organization.

Stay Oriented!