Col John Boyd: Question and Answer Video

Bryan Hackett purveyor of Rapid Research a small independent, advisory focused on making intelligent, data-informed business decisions, sponsored the restoration of Colonel John Boyd’s presentation at Air University. It is one of the few known surviving videos of his briefings.

The video covers a range of topics from his experiences on the FX/F-15 program, the importance of cross functional teams, and the Toyota Production System. It is worth watching the video just to hear his account of Shigeo Shingo and Taiichi Ohno who both possessed conviction and the belief that a company can’t develop unless its people are nurtured.

Technical details

The original video contained audio has been processed to remove the video hum. A professional audio transcript has been added to improve comprehension and accessibility.


•00:59 Comprehension
•02:46 FX(F15) Development story
•08:10 Development of F-15 from struggling FX program
•11:21 Challenge all assumptions
•13:01 Cross functional teams with different orientations
•14:30 Toyota Production System
•16:45 Toyota “Just in Time” system inspired by American supermarket
•20:15 Shigeo Shingo
•21:00 Timing critical input in the O-O-D-A loop
•21:40 Development loops; American design cycles 5 years; Japanese 2 1/2 years
•23:15 Machine that changed the World
•23:35 Organizational ideas
•26:25 Knowledge discovery- Heisenberg theory
•27:20 “Don’t try to assume that something is wrong because it doesn’t fit into your orientation”
•28:05 Nellis and Economics
•31:05 Dumb questions