Contact and Cover and officer survival

Just read Steven Albrecht’s article Contact and Cover: The Supervisors Critical Role in Officer Survival thanks to Spartan cops for the tip in which they state it the best article they have seen on the topic.

I agree it is the best piece I have seen written on this important officer survival topic. I was going to write one on the topic but Steve hit all the critical points and asks the critical questions.

“If the C&C idea is simple—“Watch me while I do my work and as I talk to this potential crook”—then why do we still see officers and deputies ignore or “modify” (a common theme in police work) the approach, even to the detriment of their safety? The answer: To paraphrase Navy jet jock Tom Cruise in Top Gun, “They feel the need for speed.

The desire of some officers and deputies to split up the work (dual searches, two conversations, separate arrests) and thereby take their eyes and ears off each other is often rationalized by the demands of the police radio (or their own supervisors or commanders) urging them to get to the next call.”

“The “need for speed” that overwhelming urge and false sense of urgency to get involved while dropping our responsibility as cover man can be costly. Once again it comes down to self awareness, a fluid OODA Loop, training and self control to avoid “officer created jeopardy.”

“Sometimes, you have to go there and be a cop, without the luxury of time, space or knowledge of the situation. C&C works best when we can exert control from the outset of the contact. But there are times when officers responding to a scene must think about their own survival first and then overall officer safety (their partner officers) second.

Although the C&C concept is a tool for your officers, ensure they all understand that they must secure themselves first, then their partners. No good comes from being injured or killed because of inadequate self-defense. Even with other officers on scene, your officers can’t get complacent and think they are always protected.

C&C has both rigid rules— stay in your roles! —and absolute flexibility— bring your personal skills and expertise to each suspect encounter. As a supervisor, you can help your folks benefit from your wisdom by teaching and modeling the tools.”

Awesome officer safety points in this article…. Read the complete article

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