Crime and Fourth Generation Warfare "a really bad intersection" From Project White Horse

Ed Beakley who publish great information on his web-site Project White Horse on the topic of crises preparedness and response has posted a new link Crime and Fourth Generation Warfare.

Ed uses his insights and reaches out to others in an effort to develop better ideas what he calls “Intersecting Ideas” through Collaborative efforts. I have personally learned allot from Ed and this group of thinkers and “translators” (theory to practice) that includes military, law enforcement ,firefighters, emergency responders, intelligence analysts, People,e from all all walks of life learning-unlearning and relearning so they adapt to changing conditions that crises, conflict and violence bring.

Project White Horse offers much more than this link so once you read this surf the PWH site for insightful information on what it is we do. I am honored to be part of this group.

Stay Oriented