Donald Robertson - Stoicism and Thinking Like a Roman Emperor

Stoicism and Thinking Like a Roman Emperor - Donald Robertson is a modern master in the philosophy of Stoicism.  His latest book is called How To Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophies of Marcus Aurelius. I read the book and loved it and highly recommend it.  The book covers a lot on philosophy, psychology and ethics all in an effort to build strength of character and values that influences our way of life.

"For Stoics, full-blown anger is an irrational and unhealthy passion that we should never indulge. As we’ve seen, though, it’s human nature to have some automatic feelings of irritation in response to life’s problems. The Stoics consider these “proto-passions” inevitable and accept their occurrence with an attitude of indifference."

Donald and Pete A Turner of the Break It Down Show sit down and talk about how classic Stoicism relates to today. Also, they consider how the masters from the classical era would relate to today's works. How would Seneca, Marcus Aurelius and Abraham Lincoln see our progress?

"It should come as no surprise that Marcus includes perhaps the best-known Stoic technique of all, which we’ve called cognitive distancing. When you’re angry, remind yourself that it’s not things or other people that make you angry but your judgments about them. If you can let go of your value judgments and stop calling other people’s actions “awful,” then your anger will diminish. Of course, as Seneca pointed out, there are initial feelings of anger that we can’t control, which the Stoics call the proto-passions (propatheiai). We share these emotional reactions to some extent with other animals, and so they’re natural and inevitable, like the anxiety of the Stoic teacher whom Gellius described being caught in a storm. Marcus says that it’s up to you, though, whether you persist in your anger. We don’t control our initial reaction, perhaps, but we do control how we respond to it: it’s not what happens first that matters but what you do next." ~ "How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius" by Donald Robertson

Jon Leon Guerrero drops a thoughtful introduction to get the fellas started in the right direction.

The podcast will get you interested in the topic, which in my humble opinion is important to police officers handling crisis situation where emotions are all too often very high.

Stay Oriented!