Dr John Sullivan and MAJ John Spencer - The Complexity of Modern Urban War

The Complexity of Modern Urban War - Today's episode features the incredible minds of Dr. John Sullivan and Maj John Spencer. Spencer has been on the show a few times and continues to provide thought leadership in urban combat. Dr John Sullivan's career with the LA County Sheriff's office is impressive.
As we look ahead at what it takes to operate in mega-cities as a fighting force. The complexities instantly demand that we scrap our planned conversation and just cover the basics. Ya, future war is that complex.

The complexity of war is tough enough to deal with and on the civil side of things here at home, as police and first responder's ready themselves to deal with terrorism post 9/11, and criminal insurgency and there impact on our civil emergency response system. This is a very interesting episode because it takes into consideration what too many in our professions either can't or won't re-imagine.

Pete and Jon , as always ask the right questions and open up a lot to think about, especially for those of us tasked with handling crises.