Ethical Warriors with Jack Hoban

Jack Hoban talks to Doug Wyllie about how to apply the idea of the Ethical Warrior to law enforcement training.

In the current climate we police officers find ourselves in today we need to understand the true meaning behind the term WARRIOR and how it applies to police officers. Some critical questions I am looking for the answer to, in an effort to bridge the gap between the people and the police are: What is a Warrior and what code does he live by? How is that code defined? Why do we need a code that ties police hands and limits their options? Why should a warrior culture want to restrict the actions of its members and require them to commit to lofty ideals? Might not such a restraint cripple their effectiveness as warriors? What’s wrong with all’s fair in love and war? Isn’t winning all that matters? Why should any warrior be burdened with concerns about honor and shame? What should bring a warrior honor, and what should bring a warrior shame?

Sound off and give me some answers to these critical questions.

Stay Oriented!