Evolving Threat to Cops Continues: Wash. man plotted to kill deputies

EVERETT, Wash. — An Everett man who police believe was planning to kill Snohomish County sheriff's deputies had guns, ammunition and bulletproof vests to carry out an assault.

It was to be a killing similar to the Thanksgiving weekend assassination of four Lakewood police officers, police said.

Deputies arrested transient Michael McConnachie, 19, on Sunday at a south Everett motel, according to a police affidavit filed Monday in Everett District Court.

“This appears to be more than just mouthing off or bragging,” Snohomish County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Rebecca Hover said. “We had reason to be concerned and we took it seriously.”Continue reading

My Two Bits

This appears to be more than just talk. It looks as though the subject was putting his plan into the action phase as during the raid police found a pistol, a shotgun, the two bulletproof vests and black tar heroin, according to court records.

Our goal in preventing and/or responding to these types of threats is to first and foremost to protect life. We do this through superior situational awareness which enhances our understanding of the environment and what's going on, so we can interact, adapt and position ourselves at the advantage, make timely decisions, apply various tactics that work in stopping the threat and in protecting  lives in jeopardy, in this case cops and the potential for innocent lives aught in the circumstances also the goal of our strategy.

It looks to me here, that law enforcement got information analyzed it and then acted upon it in a strategic way.What we need to be doing when dealing with threats!

Make sure watch the connected video to this story. look at the hotel/motel. How many of you see this type of establishment as a familiar location we frequent in our duties? Do not get complacent!

Observe, Orient, Decide and Act!

Stay Oriented!