The Evolving Warfighter Sits Down with Don Vandergriff and Talks Mission Command

Dr. Franklin Annis of The Evolving Warfighter sits down with Don Vandergriff to discuss his latest book Adopting Mission Command. They also discuss Outcomes Based Learning and how its used to develop a culture of mutual trust needed to have an effective organization. Don is the best in the business when it comes to how to teach military and cops how to think and do versus telling them what to think and do. This is important to policing because there are no school solutions tot he adaptive challenges policing faces. Leadership is about influencing people and you do that by developing them to a high level of professionalism. A policing cultural change that embraces fully a philosophy of decentralized bias for action based upon a high degree of trust and confidence between leaders of police and the led. This philosophy will provide principles for exercising good judgement in unique situations, not formulas and checklists.

In this podcast The Evolving Warfighter has a great conversation with Don that will give you a better understanding of Mission Command.

Stay Oriented!