False Sense of Urgency or Sound Tactics? You Make the Call!

Video shows plainclothes D.C. detective drawing gun during snowball fight

Take a look at this video and you tell me whether this is sound principles of safety, tactics and professionalism or is this an off duty cop having a bad day he just made worse?

“The off-duty, plainclothes officer was driving in the area of the snowball fight when several snowballs hit his vehicle, police said. The officer exited the vehicle and yelled at the crowd, WJLA reported; witnesses accused that officer of drawing his gun.”

Maybe there is more to the story but from what I see here, he should have kept driving and called it in???  Could anger and a emotional response be part of this situation? Could ego and personality be part of the problem? What about the tactical approach “one man verses a couple of hundred people” are those odds based on the reality and clear thinking about the situation or pure ego and anger?  What about his interaction once he put the gun away was its focus on de-escalation or did he cause the opposite effect? We are not in his shoes and cannot read his mind, but his actions speak for themselves. In my view after reviewing this numerous more times…NOT a lot of strategic and tactical thought at handling this dynamic encounter?

What do you think?

Stay Oriented!