Felix Nader Discusses The Value of Workplace Violence Prevention

In this short video clip Felix Nader discusses the value of workplace violence prevention policies. Yes we have prepared people how to respond to the violence but to take workplace violence to the next level of readiness we must focus robustly on preventing these acts.

It comes down to doing what is right, even when it feels uncomfortable or we worry that we may be opening ourselves up to embarrassment or liability. The legal world needs to understand this as well. There is a vast difference between people attempting to help a person in extreme conflict in an effort to prevent violence and a person spreading rumors in an effort to disgrace or defame someone. Society should accept interventions, as legitimate even if we are wrong in our analysis when trying to root out violence. We will be wrong at times, yet most times we will intervene and prevent violence from unfolding or in a suicide type incident. If malicious intent is the reason behind our involvement, then the legal system can step in. Perhaps we should be seeking legal advice along with other collaborative efforts involving all professionals within an organization or community such as legal counsel, health professionals, law enforcement, friends and family, teachers etc, much earlier so the person in crisis is dealt with in the most delicate and professional way in an effort to prevent violence. Until we are ready to take that step, people will continue to ignore the signs, violence will continue to unfold, and in the aftermath we will continue to scratch our heads in shock and talk about all we knew before, but ignored. In the end, the fault lies in the person who commits an act of violence and takes the lives of others leaving his loved ones to suffer and grieve. But if we are truly serious about preventing these acts in the future, we must harness the power of what we know beforehand, combine that with the strength of character to intervene, share what we know with law enforcement, health professionals and others, and be part of the solution. I believe we can act proactively. And we must.