Focus is on hotel security in wake of nude video case

Hotels are used to giving wake up calls. Now, they’re getting one.

The industry is taking a closer look at guest privacy safeguards in the wake of the high-profile case of Erin Andrews, the ESPN reporter who was videotaped nude through the peephole of at least one hotel room.

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ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was videotaped nude through a peephole in her hotel room door, raising questions about hotel security and guest privacy.

How did the alleged perpetrator, Michael David Barrett, 48, of Westmont, find Andrews’ room numbers at hotels in Nashville and Milwaukee? Why was he granted a request for a room next to Andrews without her knowing?

How was he able to tamper with the hotel doors’ peepholes and secretly video Andrews, and what can be done to prevent this from happening again?

These are some of the tough questions hotels are trying to answer — under the bright glare of the media spotlight.

“We sent out a directive to all of our members asking them to reevaluate their policies in light of these allegations,” said Joe McInerney, CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association. Continue reading