Fred Leland on 1380 WNRI Career Life Balance Radio with Host Coach DQ Discussing Workplace Violence

Learn what you can do to recognize signs of danger in the workplace

Something a little different from our regular programming, yet an important topic to cover because you can never be too aware!  Unfortunately, it happens almost every day: a disgruntled employee walks into the workplace and starts shooting.  How can this be prevented?  What are the signs? What can business leaders do to avert disaster?

Fred T. Leland, Law Enforcement Security Consulting (LESC), headquartered in North Attleboro and serving communities, institutions and private enterprise throughout New England, has recently established a Homeland Security Division. 
An active Lieutenant with the Walpole Police Department and a former U.S. Marine with more than 28 years of experience teaching law enforcement and security professionals, his article "Recognizing the Signs and Signals of Crime and Danger" was recently published in Homeland Security Report 188, an information source for law enforcement, intelligence, security and emergency management personnel.

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