Global Metropolitan Policing: An Emerging Trend in Intelligence Sharing by John Sullivan and James Wirtz

Red Team Journal contributor John P. Sullivan has a new article with James Wirtz in Homeland Security Affairs Journal on the growth of metropolitan police networks: John Sullivan and James Wirtz hit a homerun with this article… All those tasked with protecting the Homeland from conventional and unconventional, emerging threats from criminal and terrorist networks, should take the advice they have to offer. This is an outstanding article. Better than outstanding and we should read and re-read it so its points are driven home and put into practice at all levels.


The emergence of transnational criminal actors challenges national law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Global criminals are involved in traditional organized crime activities, e.g., theft, smuggling, and dealing in all types of contraband. These criminal networks, however, also engage in activities that can fuel domestic and international conflicts, potentially creating threats that can undermine state actors and existing security regimes. The tensions created by what amounts to the “darker side” of globalization challenge existing mechanisms of cooperation among various national police organizations. Continue reading