Global Warrior Averting WWIII, John Poole's Latest Strategic and Tactical Insights to Protecting the Homeland

Global Warrior

“The U.S. continues to be the worlds largest market for illicit narcotics. That makes it the main target for international organized crime. Nothing will unravel a society quicker than drugs, so Americas enemies may try to exploit this unfortunate circumstance. Communists and Islamists are both known to use destabilization as part of their takeover strategies. if such a ploy were in progress in the U.S., it would severely test an already overstretched law enforcement community.” ~H. John Poole

John Poole's Global Warrior Averting WWIII is packed full of well researched strategic and tactical insights into the evolving threats from both inside and outside the United States. In this smaller transnational world threats come from communists, Islamist and criminals all linked and ready to take their illicit craft and highly adaptable organizations from the bottom up, at the street level to corrupt and disrupt our political, economic, social and justice systems. These systems are all top down centrally controlled and slow to move in their efforts to confront the global threats. Global Warrior discusses first strategy and then the innovative tactics and techniques needed to meet this threat at the ground level.

As in all of Poole's books, the early chapters he discusses the background of the potential threats with opinions based on that latest intelligence reports and extensive research. Chapters 1-13 he does just that as he as he discusses in chapters 1-7 the worlds ongoing crisis and its threats. Chapters 8-13 he takes a closer look at peripheral hot spots and there potential effect on the United States. In the final chapters he offers tactical solutions both the military abroad and, law enforcement at home can utilize to prepare and ready themselves for the continually evolving and adaptive adversaries we may face. 

Chapters 14-20 of this book discusses the tactics world class infantry can utilize in their efforts to thwart the asymmetric and evolving  threats. Law Enforcement SWAT Teams would benefit greatly adapting methods from “How best to make a 4GW difference” and the chapters on “Opportunity based offense and defense”, “rifleman tactics” and “acquiring enough individual skill” These chapters focus on developing individual tactics and an understanding of evolving situations along with, the self organizing need for team maneuver.  Individual action that leads to team adaptability and effectiveness as law enforcement approaches and engages with an adversary.  

“At the squad level, the wave of the future is “guidelines” and technique refinement/rehearsal” vice “doctrine and “detailed instructions.”

Chapter 21 is titled “Policeman tactics” and written with the street cop in mind. The evolving threat towards law enforcement officers has been on the rise and at this writing 131 law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty, 50 of these deaths by gunfire. 19 of these officers were ambushed, a disturbing rising trend and one that can only be dealt with through fine tuning observation, decision making and tactical skills.

“Those officers are probably getting killed by charging directly into trouble with too little cover. Such courage could be easily channeled into more advanced maneuvering.” 

This chapter also discusses as a frame of reference the March 21st 2009 Oakland CA shooting that resulted in 4 police officers being killed in the line of duty. This incident is only one of many throughout law enforcement history, where courageous cops could have benefitted greatly with better approach and engagement tactics. The book has great recommendations law enforcement can easily adapt with a change of mindset and more realistic training.

I am a huge fan of Poole's books and his unconventional approach to security related issues. I have read and digested them all and all are part of my library,including his latest Global Warriors. I highly recommend.

Stay Oriented!