Great Review Over at the The Mentorship Forum of My Favorite Resource on Developing Adaptability "Raising The Bar"

Raising The Bar

Raising the Bar by Don Vandergriff is one of my favorite books on how to develop adaptability. The book is a must read that has had a huge impact on how I have adapted my teaching methodologies over the years. Col. Chad Foster over on his new site The Mentorship Forum: Leaders Learning Together for the Good of their Teams calls Raising the Bar: A true “how to” guide for building adaptive leaders.

Don Vandergriff’s book, Raising the Bar, is a guide for how to make adaptability the central focus of a leader development program. Although written specifically for a military audience, this book’s utility goes well beyond such narrow limits. Any organization that aspires to function effectively amid chaos and ambiguity will find much of value here.

The book adapts to policing as well. I have been reading, rereading and referring to Raising the Bar since 2006 and it has has a heavy influence on how i lead and develop cops. In Col Fosters review he talks bout some of the key points in the book. I think you will find the review and the book of great value:

The subsequent chapters are, in essence, a fascinating journey through the author’s first hand experiences as he implemented a highly effective leader development system within the Georgetown University ROTC program. The program, referred to in this book as the Adaptive Course Model (ACM), has gone through several name changes over the years since this book’s initial publication, but the fundamental concepts remain constant and sound.

The most important points and concepts that Vandergriff covers in Raising the Bar include:

  • The use of interactive, scenario-based Tactical Decision Games as the tool of choice in developing adaptability.
  • The importance of the selection and preparation of instructors in this type of program.
  • The linkage between the Adaptive Course Model and John Boyd’s concept of the “OODA Loop” (this is of particular importance in developing scenarios for TDGs and in guiding their facilitation)
  • How this type of developmental program supports a larger organizational culture of initiative and personal accountability

After I read this post from LT Col Foster I thought of that conference and the trips to West Point i was invited me too, where i watched him and his fellow instructors from the Department of Military Instruction, take the Lessons from Raising the Bar and apply them to developing American Offciers.

I have learned a lot over the years about learning and teaching and Raising the Bar really helped me focus my efforts in developing cops and police leaders over the years.  a I refer to Raising the Bar all the time. The original has pages falling out of it but my kindle edition is like opening a new book every time.

Be sure to check out Chad Fosters new site The Mentorship Forum Leaders Learning Together for the Good of their Teams

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