Hamilton Police Shooting Video...Fast Transients In Action!

This  video depicts fast transient maneuvers on both the adversarial and friendly sides. An unknown risk stop (KEEP IN MIND ALL CONTACTS ARE UNKNOWN RISK). A red-light violation, turned possible operating under the influence, turns to a deadly assault and use of deadly force engagement all in about 30 seconds from contact to shots fired.

You cannot see the suspect in this video until the gun pops out the window and threatens the officers life. Listen to the initial conversation however and the response to the question, Officer; How much have you had to drink tonight? Answer: PLENTY! Officer; How much? Answer; Gun comes out the window!

My opinion on the answer, PLENTY is its out of the normal pattern of behavior, even for a possible drunk. Most do not respond in that way. If listened to closely it is an F--- YOU answer??? A SUBTLE SIGN OF CONTEMPT! A fraction of a second later the suspect is trying to kill a cop! (your thoughts on this I am intersected in!)

Note the reactions of the officer. The initial OH SHIT MOMENT! (which the officer actually states out loud) too directing the gun away, too what appears to be a fraction of a second of disbelief  (frequently occurs in all of us) on the part of the officer until the adversaries gun was fired. Then we get movement out of the line of fire, while calmly drawing and then accurately shooting the suspect. The fast transients take place fast, in fractions of seconds in this case allowing the officer to WIN! .

Some other lessons we should learn and apply

  • Superior situational awareness (BOYD CYCLE)
    • Condition your awareness and decision making capabilities…make it a priority
  • Approach and positioning…ALWAY TAKE THE POSITION OF ADVANTAGE
    • Stay back from the window 
  • Observe the hands that can hurt you!

The officer stays mentally calm, very calm and his reactions led to fast transient maneuvers that led to his ability to stop this suspect. 

Learn from the history of successful battles.Your first actions should deny victory to the enemy.You pay attention to your enemy to find the way to win.You alone can deny victory to the enemy.Only your enemy can allow you to win.~The Art of War 4:1.1-5

You never no who,why or when someone motivated to do so, will attempt to take your life. Watch this video several times. The threats to law enforcement and security continue to evolve with more highly trained, dedicated and motivated adversaries. Continue to learn, unlearn and relearn!  If you observe any other lessons please let me know.

Stay Oriented!