"Helping Yourself" People are the First Line of Defense in Preventing Violence

Thanks to John Robb at Global Guerrilla's for pointing out Amada Ripley’s great article in Time Magazine that speaks of the efforts made by the passengers on board flight 253 Christmas day and that people are not helpless in these types of situations.  In the aftermath these heroes were treated like suspects the article also points out.

After the passengers of Flight 253 deplaned in Detroit, they were held in the baggage area for more than five hours until FBI agents interviewed them. They were not allowed to call their loved ones. They were given no food. When one of the pilots tried to use the bathroom before a bomb-sniffing dog had finished checking all the carry-on bags, an officer ordered him to sit down, according to passenger Alain Ghonda, who thought it odd. "He was the pilot. If he wanted to do anything, he could've crashed the plane." It was a metaphor for the rest of the country: Thank you for saving the day. Now go sit down.

Now I understand investigations and taking safety precautions and evidence handling for future prosecution, but where is the thinking and common sense judgment in handling those who prevented this terrorist act from being completed? Prevention is the priority is it not?

Take your policies and procedures and put them where the sun does not shine. I will take the human being “PEOPLE” using insight and innovation over checklists and non thinking, follow the list of things to do automatons any day to prevent violent acts. The same holds true for those investigating these acts afterward.

In the end it’s collaborative efforts citizens first and then law enforcement and security professionals. Never forget where we get our information from and who is always first on scene of violent acts, the people we are sworn to protect and they must take action to protect themselves, before we get there, be it a school shooting a terrorist in the skies, workplace violence, a  criminal on the street or a natural disaster. People “the citizenry” are the first line of defense, It's not anarchy or vigilantism, its common sense.  Time for a serious mindset shift all around to prevent acts of violence.

Check out Amada Ripley’s article here

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