Homeland Security Review Publishes LESC article Critical Decision Making Under Pressure

The Homeland Security Review a Journal of the Institute for Law and Public Policy of California University of Pennsylvania published the article written by Fred Leland Director and Principal Trainer of Law Enforcement and Security Consulting (LESC, INC).

The article focus is on rapid decision making also known as recognized prime decision making and how this methodology applies to law enforcement and homeland security professionals.

The article takes a deep look into the theory of rapid decision making under pressure and uses real life examples to make the lessons clear. More importantly the theory discusses and explains how it applies to those on the frontline where command decision are made. The article is also discusses the value of both implicit and explicit information gathering in risk verse time encounters.

The article also describes the adaptive leadership methodology developed by retired Major Don Vandergriff. The methodology utilizes tactical decision games  also called scenarios enabling adaptability to create and nurture how to think verses what to think. If winning conflict  and resolving preventing and mitigating crises is your strategy, Take a look at this article.

PDF file of article attached below.

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