Independent Board of Inquiry Into the Oakland PD March 21 Incident where 4 officers paid the Ultimate Sacrifice

This report or After Action Review was released yesterday. It’s about the tragic March 21st Oakland PD Incident where 4 cops were killed, 1 injured and the bad guy killed in a 2 hour period. It is a great report with lessons learned. We do not have to agree with everything in the report but we should most definitely learn from the lessons both positive and negative and adapt accordingly.

Overall I think it, a very useful and informative report with numerous lessons, sadly lessons we have all heard before. Let’s start developing superior situational awareness, mental calmness and a strategic and tactical mindset and walking our talk to safety and effectiveness.  Preventing these incidents from happening.

Read, with an open mind learn and adapt the lessons. the price off not doing so is way to high.

Get the full report at the link above.

Stay oriented!