Inspiring People to Lifelong Learning & Impacting Their Ability to Make Sound Decisions 

What is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you, or as Simon Sinek would put it have you discovered your, why? Simon explains every person knows what they do. Your job title, function, the products you sell or services you offer. Some people know how they do it. The actions you take that set you apart from others. Few people know WHY they do it. The purpose, cause or belief that inspires you.

Since reading Simon's book, Start With Why a few years back I have often been asked the question, why do you do what you do? Why do you love training cops so much? Why do you focus so intently on police when it comes to professional development, isn't the academy, in-service training and some specialized training enough? Why are you so passionate about developing police officers? And Finally Why don't you get burned out from doing so?  Just this past week while teaching a group of police sergeants, a fellow instructor said man, you have not lost your idealism, your passion for the job of teaching cops and that is awesome to see!  Coming from a brother police officer and fellow trainer these words meant a lot. His words got me back to thinking about WHY?

To be quite frank I never really gave it much thought until reading Simon Sinek's books, Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last.  I just did what I do because I felt it was part of my duty to prepare officers, which have done now for over 37 years counting my time in the Marine Corps (1980 I entered the Marine Corps). That's what I do is all I thought. How I did what I do was completely based on how I learned to do it from other instructors, mentors and coaches. This normally centered on lectures and Power Point Decks, and telling police officers what to do. This is how I did it for more than half of those 37 years. Again I never thought about why. I just knew what and how to do it.  or so I thought.

"Knowing your WHY is not the only way to be successful, but it is the only way to maintain a lasting success and have a greater blend of innovation and flexibility. When a WHY goes fuzzy, it becomes much more difficult to maintain growth, loyalty and inspiration that helped drive the original success."

Somewhere around 2000 shortly after the Columbine Massacre and police began to shift their training methodologies or at least started talking about different training methodologies I started to think about why we develop police officers the way we do. Still i was nowhere near the insight that Simon Sinek brings to Start With Why. I was on Simon's Start with Why web-site where he has dedicated a Why Discovery course that guides you through a step-by-step process to discover your Why Statement. What is your Why statement? Your Why Statement is a sentence that clearly expresses your unique contribution and impact.  The impact reflects the difference you want to make in the world, and the contribution is the primary action that you take towards making your impact.

What's the purpose, cause or belief that inspires me?

Inspiring People to Lifelong Learning Impacting Their Ability to Make Sound Decisions.  

This is my purpose, cause, or belief that inspires me. This is why I stay optimistic about teaching and developing people. Intuitively I believe I knew and felt this. After walking through Simon Sinek's ideas, my WHY seems more real, more realistic, and more tangible and yes, more inspiring, for me!

Have you thought about why you do what you do?

Stay Oriented!