Interesting Body Language Research: The Eyes Don’t Have It: Lie Detection and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

COL GI Wilson USMC (ret) was kind enough to send me a link to an interesting reasearch article titled: The Eyes Don’t Have It: Lie Detection and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It's great information...I have seen some similar info last year on NLP questioning its validity. Makes sense that context and clusters of gestures and expressions after getting a baseline on someone is the key. Sometimes folks are looking for that one thing that works! I have yet to see that one thing ever happen in the real world. Reading people takes focus of effort on a combination of things, non-verbal gestures and micro-expressions, whats being said and how its said in context with the ongoing situation and interaction between the players.

"Proponents of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) claim that certain eye-movements are reliable indicators of lying. According to this notion, a person looking up to their right suggests a lie whereas looking up to their left is indicative of truth-telling. Despite widespread belief in this claim, no previous research has examined its validity. In Study 1 the eye movements of participants who were lying or telling the truth were coded, but did not match the NLP patterning. In Study 2 one group of participants were told about the NLP eye-movement hypothesis whilst a second control group were not. Both groups then undertook a lie detection test. No significant differences emerged between the two groups. Study 3 involved coding the eye movements of both liars and truth tellers taking part in high-profile press conferences. Once again, no significant differences were discovered. Taken together the results of the three studies fail to support the claims of NLP. The theoretical and practical implications of these findings are discussed."

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