International Law Enforcement Trainers & Educators Association Published: Mindset and Winning: About Much More than Words

The fall edition of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association Journal, has published an article I wrote; Mindset and Winning: About Much More than Words.

The article discusses the power of a winning mind and how we must take ownership enthusiastically and create and nurture the winning mindset so that it takes hold mentally in our decision making and transitions to the physical in our actions. Mindset has to synergistically connect to the physical and be part of us always. The winning mindset is not something you just turn on when things go bad. Mindset is always in the “on” position. That is why training must be realistic and constant.

The 55 page journal is packed full of other great information on leadership, crisis response, situation awareness, arrest techniques, use of force applications and more written by some of the top instructors in law enforcement.

Read the complete article on page 16 and 17 of the attached PDF of journal bellow.

Stay Oriented!


ILEETA_Journal_Fall_2012.pdf3.32 MB