"Consider and ordinary tactical choice, of the sort frequently made in war...

Edward Luttwak

 …To move toward its objective, an advancing force can choose between two roads, one good and one bad, the first broad, direct, and well paved, the second narrow, circuitous, and unpaved. Only in the paradoxical realm of strategy would the choice arise at all, because it is only in war that a bad road can be good precisely because it is bad and  may therefore be less strongly defended or even left unguarded by the enemy. Equally, the good road can be bad precisely because it is the much better road, whose use by the advancing force is more likely to be anticipated and opposed. In this case, the paradoxical logic of strategy reaches the extreme of full reversal: instead of A moving towards its opposite B, as war preparation is suppose to preserve peace, A actually becomes B, and B becomes A.” ~ Edward Luttwak, Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace

Strategy The Logic of War and Peace