"They prefer to achieve their results by...

Mauice …planning and generalship; they stress an orderly approach rather than a brave and impulsive one….They are formidable when laying siege but even more formidable when besieged.” ~Maurikios, The Strategikon, Book XI


As law enforcement and security professionals it is imperative that we maintain our composure during tense, emotionally charged situations and stay mentally calm.

How do we stay calm and gain the advantage? The first step is simple to say, but takes hard work to accomplish…NEVER LET YOU EMOTIONS GET IN THE WAY OF SOUND TACTICAL DECISION MAKING!

There is a constant expectation that a cop must prove himself on a consistent basis. This constant feeling of proving you are capable of doing this job can be brought to unhealthy levels where ego, fueled by emotion becomes so powerful, it controls our every move. We respond emotionally and recklessly verses strategically and tactically.

Instead proving yourself should come from consistently doing your job in a effective,safe and tactical way. A way that shows a balanced approach to how you deal with others and the results you get. Most people dealt with, will require simple verbal directions, some will require debate and negotiation. A small percentage will require strong language and physical actions to gain control.  Your approach and tactics should be based on the situation and not on living your law enforcement life based on the opinion of others. Do what you know is to be the right thing and let no emotion or false sense of manhood control this decision.

When we have a better understanding of violence, the give and take of the adversarial and friendly side,then we are able, through hard work and training to control our emotions as we interact in a heated and emotional exchange. Controlling emotions and maintaining mental calmness allows you to think and approach tactically so we shape, reshape and influence events with a strategic and tactical mindset verses the all too common habitual and emotional response.

Stay Oriented!