"Leaders gain confidence and become more tactically and technically proficient...

...by planning and conducting realistic training. Likewise, through the conduct of challenging training, soldiers gain confidence in themselves, their fellow soldiers, and their leaders, as well as in their weapons and equipment. The expression, TRAIN AS YOU WILL FIGHT, is more than just catchy rhetoric. If leadership is the heart of developing cohesion in organizations, training is the blood that enables all parts to work in synchronization with one another. ~Christopher Kolenda, Leadership the Warriors Art


Christopher Kolenda offers some great advice with this great quote from his book; Leadership: The Warriors Art. It only makes sense that to gain confidence in your abilities to make command decisions, you must have confidence in those you lead, and they in you. Too many leaders feel its all about them and their abilities to precisely size up situations and direct others from a command post. There is probably some truth to this but the real tough decisions get made by those closest to the problem as the circumstances are unfolding, requiring leaders, lead on daily basis by developing trust and developing their men and women to be problem solvers. Training and preparation beforehand, of those who are required to engage with and solve the problem is the key to successful outcomes on the street. Training your people is the leaders catalyst to getting things done.

Stay Oriented!