Learn-Unlearn and Re-learn on the Law Enforcement and Security Consulting Blog

“Nothing great has been and nothing great can be accomplished without passion.” ~G.W.F. Hegel

leland If you come to the Law Enforcement and Security Consulting (LESC) Blog and you are expecting the same old stuff, on tactics and the physical side of conflict you will be wrong. What we on this blog are doing is writing articles posting news articles and developing training programs that take into consideration the mental, moral and physical aspects of conflict and violence and the changing face of conflict. We are posting articles of interest from other law enforcement, security, campus safety and security resources we believe will be beneficial to developing, creating and nurturing adaptability, officer safety and professionalism for readers of the LESC Blog.

Here at Law Enforcement and Security Consulting, INC we are big believers in collaborative efforts and sharing information that will better prepare peacekeepers at home and abroad.  It does no damn good to keep valuable information to yourself. We give credit where credit is due and move forward in our efforts to learn-unlearn and re-learn, evolve into better protection professionals. You can do it here through reading and making comments on articles and reports. You can also start your own discussions on topic of concern to you. 

We try and meet this goal through passionate advise in articles written and posted, news from our profession and reports from various professional resources such as the Homeland Security Report and the Official publication of the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and Armorers Association. Also links to other professional blogs such as Don Vandergriff' of Maverick Leadership, Science of Strategy institute, Group Intel, Global Guerillas, Police One and Spartan Cops, Top Cops, The Defense and the National Interest, ASIS International, Warrior Science Group, Project White Horse and Force Science Research to name a few. Be sure to check out our association pages for more great links.

Be sure while you are on the web-site and Blog to check out the training programs and workshops we offer…we also create programs for those organizations and individuals need special attention due to their environment.   All workshops are centered on developing situational awareness and decision making under pressure, as well as create and nurture the strategic and tactical mindset that is essential in detecting, preventing and resolving conflict and violence, be it on patrol, the street, a university or campus, hospital, place of worship, school or any other environment. Check out our testimonials page as well to see how the Law Enforcement and Security Consulting programs are being perceived from law enforcement, contract security, hospital and hotel security and University and Campus Safety and Security Personnel.

Law Enforcement and security Consulting offers both seminar style workshops in the greater Boston and Providence area that are announced at WWW.LESC.NET and through the LESC Newsletters. What is very popular among our clients is that we also come to your location to present our workshops. You provide the space and participants and we put on the training at your site. This makes it easier on an organization to plan, schedule, and staffing requirements can be fulfilled while still getting valuable training to those in your organization who need it. 

Come to our Blog site a place for Creating Awareness and Situational Understanding for Those Who Protect and Serve! and tell us what you think. We’re always up for a good conversation on awareness, observation, orientation, decision and action cycles, leadership, strategy, operational art and tactics as well as conflict and violence in the mental, moral and physical dimensions.