Leland Connects the Dots by Adam Elkus of Rethinking Security

Adam Elkus has posted some comments on the article Conflict, Violence and the Art of Operations...Connecting the End (Strategy) with the Means (Tactics) written by me. Its an honor for me to have an expert like Adam Elkus take an interest in my work as he is one of the nations leaders in this area.

Here is Adams Elkus’s  background; Adam Elkus is an analyst specializing in foreign policy and security. His articles have been published in Small Wars Journal, Defense and the National Interest, Foreign Policy in Focus, Red Team Journal, SWAT Digest, and other publications. His work has been cited in reports by the Center for Security Policy and highlighted by the Arms Control Association, and the Project on Defense Alternatives.

He has contributed chapters to The John Boyd Roundtable: Debating Science, Strategy, and War (Ann Arbor: Nimble LLC, 2008) and the compilation Threats in the Age of Obama, now on sale from Nimble LLC

You can read very useful information related to law enforcement and security at his site Rethinking Security

Be sure to read Adams and John Sullivan's article Police Operational Art for a Five-Dimensional Operational Space which is also posted on the LESC Blog