LESC Links April 16th 2010

Calif. town declares emergency in wake of attacks

Hemet will be able to speed up security improvements to the Police Department building and City Hall after the City Council on Tuesday declared that an emergency exists.

The resolution allows the city to bypass the cost-reducing but time-consuming bidding process. The measure comes after three attacks in Hemet on a regional anti-gang task force and the burning of three city code enforcement vehicles. Then Monday, a fire damaged a building at a Hemet police firing range, a blaze that has not immediately been linked to the other attacks.

"We need to get this done right away," Police Chief Richard Dana told the council as four television news cameras rolled. "Additionally, if we were to go out to a full bid on this process, it would require that we tell all of the security measures that we intend to put in place."

I will keep following this evolving situation and others taking place throughout the country at an alarming rate. I wrote about this escalating occurrences of attacks on police in Evolving Threats and the Fourth Generation Warfare Problem Here at Home The conditions on the ground are changing for us here at home. Both citizen and peacekeepers must be ever vigilant. Full Spectrum Policing is the answer. Cops better prepared and more ready to deal with the vast array of problems we face to include our abilities to handle violent encounters directed directly at COPS. 

Be sure to watch Sean Hannity’s report on Police Officers Under Attack. I posted this a couple of weeks back but  it needs to be seen. ~Fred 

What Separates Good Red Teamers from Poor Ones?

The intangible qualities that characterize a good red team can be difficult to measure but are arguably just as critical to success as a team’s technical proficiency. In fact, a technically proficient but arrogant red team may actually be less useful than a less proficient but more humble and adaptable one. After all, the less proficient but adaptable team can always contract the expertise it needs, particularly if it is first willing to consider and ask the right questions.

In the following points, I identify some of the qualities that I think characterize good red teamers and good red teams. Don’t expect to find individuals who exhibit all of these criteria equally well, but do plan to avoid red teams that fail as a whole to embody these qualities. Continue reading

We must remember to always look at things form the perspective of both friendly and adversarial viewpoints if we are to successfully manipulate the tempo of conflict and violence to our advantage. this requires we have the strength of character to consider our adversaries options and then, what we must do to disrupt and deter him from taking any other option than the one we offer him. Again its the continuous process of OODA combined with OPERATIONAL ART! ~Fred

discerning a brave man from a coward

When speaking of Bushido, the three qualities considered essential are loyalty, integrity and courage. When these three virtues are perfectly combined in one man, he is called a samurai of the highest quality. It is easy to link these three in one breath, but a weighty matter to understand them in one’s heart and then put them into practice. Thus, it has been said since ancient times that it is rare to find a samurai of the highest quality even among a hundred or a thousand warriors. In this connection it is an easy thing to discern a warrior of loyalty or a man of integrity, as these qualities appear in one’s everyday behavior. But there is some doubt if a man of courage can be distinguished in this uneventful period of peace. Such a doubt, however, is not justified. The reason is that the courage of a warrior is not exhibited for the first time when he dons his armor, takes up spear and halberd, faces the field, and is locked in battle. A man’s ordinary life at peace reflects his courage or cowardice just like a mirror. Continue reading

Great post over at The Things Worth Believing In to get you thinking about the attributes needed in making decisions and taking action. ~Fred

Crime Prediction Software Is Here and It's a Very Bad Idea

There are no naked pre-cogs inside glowing jacuzzis yet, but the Florida State Department of Juvenile Justice will use analysis software to predict crime by young delinquents, putting potential offenders under specific prevention and education programs. Goodbye, human rights!

They will use this software on juvenile delinquents, using a series of variables to determine the potential for these people to commit another crime. Depending on this probability, they will put them under specific re-education programs. Deepak Advani—vice president of predictive analytics at IBM—says the system gives "reliable projections" so governments can take "action in real time" to "prevent criminal activities?"