LESC Links April 8th 2010

Private detectives volunteer for intelligence gathering

Over 25,000 private detectives across the country will offer their services to Delhi Police in gathering intelligence to prevent any untoward incident during the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Collaborative efforts and intersecting ideas, I like the idea! ~Fred

Seattle officer talks about shooting cop killer

A Seattle policeman testified Monday that in scant seconds and at barely more than arm's length, he recognized the man who had killed four police officers and sworn to do the same to anyone who tried to arrest him.

In a calm, even voice, Officer Benjamin L. Kelly told a six-member inquest jury about how he was alone in his patrol car when Maurice Clemmons approached him on a dark south Seattle street early on Dec. 1. The confrontation ended with Kelly killing the man who had been sought in a massive manhunt since ambushing the Lakewood officers two days earlier at a coffee shop south of Tacoma.

"I thought I could be dead in a matter of seconds," said Kelly, 39, in his first public account of Clemmons' death. Continue reading

Cameras make Chicago most closely watched city

When the body of Chicago's school board president was found partially submerged in a river last fall, a bullet wound to the head, cameras helped prove it was a suicide.

Friends had speculated someone forced Michael Scott to drive to the river before shooting him - and maybe even wrapped his fingers around the trigger.

But within days, police recreated Scott's 20-minute drive through the city using high-tech equipment that singled out his car on a succession of surveillance cameras, handing the image from camera to camera. The video didn't capture Scott's final moments, but it helped convince police his death was a suicide: He wasn't followed. He wasn't following anyone. He never picked up a passenger.

The investigation offered a riveting demonstration of the most extensive and sophisticated video surveillance system in the United States, and one that is transforming what it means to be in public in Chicago. Continue reading

Meth lab explodes during NH police raid

A New Hampshire official says a man arrested after a raid and explosion at a meth lab was wearing rubber gloves and carrying a laundry basket of chemicals when officers entered the building.

METHANPHETOMIN Labs, Hidden dangers to the community and policing. This was less than 1/10th of a mile from school. Are you prepared for more you’re your standard drug dealers? Those manufacturing drugs in a neighborhood near you can be deadly to the ill informed ~Fred