LESC LINKS February 13th 2010

Alabama shooting: professor charged as three die

A biology professor denied a job promotion has been charged with murder after a shooting at a southern US university left three people dead.

All I know of this case, is what I have read in the news. It will be interesting to see as the information is released, what signs and signals were present, that usually accompany these types of violent actions. ~Fred

The Human Factor Preventing Violence and Building Resilient, Safe Campuses

Most think that safety and violence is a concern for only campus safety and security or law enforcement. It’s their job to handle these types of issues. This is true, violence and safety is their business. It is their business to prevent violent acts from occurring. However a big missing link is in college administrations, staff, students, parents, legal and medical staff etc, who need to share the information they have gathered through observations and intuitively of explicitly believe may possibly related to violence. Information sharing is critical if safety and security personnel are to be effective at preventing acts of violence. ~Fred

Wash. guards who saw beating 'followed training'

Three unarmed security guards were following orders last month when they stood by without intervening as a 15-year-old girl was badly beaten in a downtown Seattle bus tunnel. Now the company they work for and government officials say those orders should be revised.

You cannot have it both ways people. If you want security, you must use it!The fear of liability or loss of jobs has made us ineffective in performing our duties. When are people both in and out of the profession (to include our system of justice, which does not seem to understand violent encounters either) going to open our eyes and see that violence is unpredictable and chaotic and that judgments calls must be made. Also in violent encounters like this, someone may be restrained and in so restraining they may be hurt, banged up, cut or scratched and if violent enough seriously injured or killed…Policies and procedures create this type of response A NON-RESPONSE) its damn luck this 15 year old was not killed. We are always in a catch 22 situation when we protect and serve. The answer is PRTOECT AND SERVE! ~Fred

Comment from the local PD: "If you're a bank teller and you do something other than give them the money, you're going to get fired,  "We don't expect civilians to take police action. In this case, it was a violent fight, and they were outnumbered by this pack of people 3-to-1."

This was a fist fight and no weapons that I am aware of and obviously a armed robbery is much different than a fist fight. Back in the day a teacher would break a fight like this up. This type of statement in my view is part of the problem. I know times have change but come on!!!Either we help each other out or not.

This situation it would have been more than reasonable  for these guards to intervene. Remember the courts are suppose to look at reasonableness even in the case of civilian intervention and force utilization.  Not right or wrong…Reasonable!  It will be interesting to see what the courts have to say about the inaction??? ~Fred