LESC Links January 11th 2010

Disgruntled plant worker kills 3, injures 5 in St. Louis

A disgruntled worker embroiled in a pension dispute with his company showed up at the plant and opened fire Thursday, killing three people and wounding five before apparently killing himself.

ABB shooting: Economy may play role in workplace violence

“There’s more pressure put on people recently because of the economy," he says. "More people have faced a dissolving of their whole career. It’s too hard to face for some people. When you have 23 years invested, that’s a lot."

Although there are no hard data connecting violence with economic downturns, periods of economic difficulty have been linked to increases in violent behavior.

Attacks Show al-Qaida-Inspired Groups Target West

From Detroit to Afghanistan, scattered terrorists inspired and equipped by al-Qaida have attacked recently with surprising speed and worldwide reach, challenging the U.S. strategy of slowly and deliberately targeting the terror group's top leaders.

Spartan Cops Recommended use of Force Articles:January 2010

Every couple of weeks Spartan Cops link to the most recent police use of force articles that caught my attention. Right after the link I post a quote, summarize the article, or discuss my thoughts about it.

Something different but relevant: Innovating Institutional Cultures at Zenpundit

…. Institutional innovation is different - it defines new ways of working together, ways that can scale much more effectively across large numbers of very diverse enterprises. It provides ways to flexibly reconfigure capability while at the same time building long-term trust based relationships that help participants to learn faster. That’s a key breakthrough - arrangements that support scalable trust building, flexibility and learning at the same time. Yet this breakthrough is occurring largely under the radar of most Western executives, prisoners of mindsets that prevent them from seeing these radical changes.

Strategy, Policies and Procedures, Or Human Frailties...Where does Failure in Security Manifest?

Adam Elkus has a great article up on Open Security that hits on some very important points when it comes to implementing security related strategies. His focus is on foreign affairs but the lessons he speaks of, factor into all human affairs, conflict and violence and in our efforts to implement security strategy’s .