LESC Links January 12th 2010

Calif. cop kicked out of school while arresting gang member

A San Francisco police officer was ordered out of John O'Connell High School for arresting an alleged gang member in connection with a double homicide without first consulting the principal.

Jihadists Groom Children In The UK Under 10

Police have identified children as young as seven being groomed for terrorism, with some expressing a wish to become suicide bombers.Up to 10 primary school pupils, aged between seven and 10, have been placed on a government outreach program for individuals considered at risk of being radicalized and turning to violence.Some have taken inspiration from jihadi websites or after viewing extremist material in Islamic bookshops.

Africa sports ambush wins rebels global impact

A murderous ambush of soccer players in Angola has shown how easily insurgents can grab world headlines with attacks on soft targets and inflict international embarrassment on countries by exposing their lapses in security.

SA decries “sport terrorism

"But all it requires is one particular terrorist event that could create huge disruption to the tournament itself ... It would be totally naive to assume South Africa would be either immune or exempt from it."

Terrible on terror: Airline bombing revealed total dysfunction of U.S. intelligence

"There was not a comprehensive or functioning process for tracking terrorist threat reporting and actions taken such that departments and agencies are held accountable for running down all leads associated with high visibility and high priority plotting efforts undertaken by Al Qaeda and its allies, in particular against the Homeland."

Obama Orders Air Marshal Surge by Feb. 1: 'Race Against Time'

President Barack Obama has ordered a "surge" of federal air marshals to be in place by Feb.1 in what officials said was a "race against time," with other suicide bombers believed to be in the terrorist pipeline, although there is no specific imminent threat, federal officials told ABC News.

*FBI, Seattle police join shooting investigation

Police say they still don't know why the shooter attacked Allen in what they've called an ambush attack. Allen had been on duty about three hours and had spent about 45 minutes outside a home on Medfra Street, between 14th and 15th avenues, dealing with an apparently unrelated call just before he was shot.

*Police looking for shooters in Saturday officer ambush

The gunmen who shot an Anchorage police officer in an ambush Saturday are still on the loose, and the Anchorage Police Department is requesting public assistance to find them.

Patrol officer Jason Allen, 47, was shot Saturday morning on 14th Avenue and Medfra Street. He remains in stable condition, and a fellow police officer says despite all that happened, Allen is in good spirits.

Police officer, neighbor shot by man firing out window of home in western New York

Police say an upstate New York man firing shots from his second-floor window injured a neighbor and a responding police officer before surrendering.
Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn says the man began shooting randomly from the house early Friday afternoon. That was hours after a dispute with his partner.

College Reverses Veil Ban

After days of news media scrutiny and a federal civil liberties complaint, a Massachusetts college backed down Thursday from its security policy that seemed to be the nation’s first ban on the veils worn by some Muslim women.

The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences announced that its identification rule requiring students to wear their ID cards and barring “any head covering that obscures a student’s face … either on campus or at clinical sites” -- which went into effect on January 1 -- has been amended to permit students to wear face-obscuring coverings for religious reasons.