LESC Links January 16th 2010

Protecting the Force: Lessons learned from Fort Hood

The shooting spree allegedly perpetrated by a self-radicalized soldier of Muslim faith has revealed shortcomings in the Defense Department’s ability to counter dangerous outside influences on the military, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today.

Gates disclosed this and several other key findings of a broad review he ordered after Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly killed 13 people in a Nov. 5 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas. The conclusions of this preliminary assessment are due out later today.


Terrorist-Conscious Law Enforcement Agencies Should Think Locally

Since 9/11 we’ve heard a lot about homeland security. We in law enforcement need to concern ourselves with hometown security. Our profession has recently gone through an evolution of sorts, as it’s done throughout our history. As a more sophisticated criminal has come along we've had to adapt and evolve to meet the challenges presented to us by that element. Now, big department or small, we must be terrorist-conscious.

Superior Situational Awareness and Preparation for the emerging and unconventional threat!

Open-Source Warfare

”What we are seeing is the empowerment of the individual to conduct war,” says John Robb, a counterterrorism expert and author of the book Brave New War (John Wiley & Sons), which came out in April. While the concept of asymmetric warfare dates back at least 2000 years, to the Chinese military strategist Sun-tzu, the conflict in Iraq has redefined the nature of such struggles [see photo, ”Road to Perdition”]. As events are making painfully clear, Robb says, warfare is being transformed from a closed, state-sponsored affair to one where the means and the know-how to do battle are readily found on the Internet and at your local RadioShack. This open global access to increasingly powerful technological tools, he says, is in effect allowing ”small groups to…declare war on nations.”

Just found this article “Open Source Warfare” and who the terrorist are adapting quicker than we are. It highlights a lot of John Robb’s work from his book Brave New War, a must read if. It applies to law enforcement and security! ~Fred

Sens to DoD: Find Extremists in Ranks

Senate committee on Wednesday urged the Defense Department to take firmer steps to combat the threat of Islamist extremism within the military's ranks, calling the current procedures inadequate for heading off possible attacks like the shootings at Fort Hood, Texas, that left 13 people dead.

How do you move through undefended gaps? Live amongst them is one answer! ~Fred

Deputies investigating bomb threat at Orange County apartment

17-year-old from Annadale accused of making Mall bomb threat

“I have threatened your store and all its employees with a bloody death... On January 17th, 2010 whoever the crew may be working, or the innocent citizens that walk in... will be eliminated with the force of a 98lb bomb loaded with C4, strapped to my chest,”

Bomb Threats! Do they make us complacent?

Will Haiti Katrina-ize the Obama Administration?

“The news trickling out of Haiti is apocalyptic. The president of Haiti is homeless. Hundreds of thousands may be dead. The Haitian state, rickety and corrupt at the best of times, has collapsed along with the government buildings. Gangs of machete-wielding looters rule the capital city as supplies of food and clean water run dangerously low. The magnitude of the disaster may exceed the capacity of even the U.S. to respond unilaterally.”

An interesting discussion over on Zenpundit on U.S aid to Haiti and how it could effect the President!