LESC Links January 19th 2010

Learn from their sacrifice: A deadly two weeks for LEOs

“January is always a time of reflection, but this year it was supposed to be a time of relief: 2009 was over and perhaps we could enjoy a fresh start after the pain and turmoil of the previous year. Although fewer law enforcement officers died in the line of duty in 2009 than in any year since 1959, of the 125 officers lost, 48 of them were felled by gunfire. This represents a 23 percent increase in gunfire deaths, according to Craig Floyd of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Many of those 48 officers killed were ambushed, even hunted by their attackers. January 2010 was going to be the time to move forward and honor our fallen by learning from their sacrifice, remembering their families, and working even harder to keep each other safe.”

Developing Superior Situational Awareness and How to make Decisions Under Pressure ala the Boyd Cycle is the key. ~Fred

Officers Down: The decade that was 2000 to 2009

“As this column “goes to press,” the Officer Down Memorial Page indicates that 1646 law enforcement officers have perished in the line of duty in the past ten years, an average of nearly 165 per year.”

Look at the lessons here over this past decade and further. The lessons are they same repeated over and over? Are you committed to what you do? Is the question i have to ask. 

SWAT options for multiple shooter terrorist attacks

We train our police officers in rapid deployment tactics which will serve them well against a violent act by a lone gunman, or even the likes of Harris and Klebold (Columbine shooters). But let’s face it, police officers employing rapid deployment tactics against a hardened target defended by a determined enemy with automatic weapons, interlocking fields of fire and hand grenades will not fare well. There is a high likelihood that the assault will be turned away, and at a bloody cost.

The art and science of tactics and ADAPTATION and OPERATIONAL ART!

2 dead in shooting at motel

After knocking on the motel room door, officers reported hearing gunfire inside..

Expect the Unexpected!

 Arrest in JFK airport terminal security breach

“The Transportation Safety Administration and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which has jurisdiction over the three major metropolitan area airports, ordered the evacuation. Passengers who had boarded also had to get off their planes and go through security again.”

See John Robb’s Failure as a Strategy.

Haiti Update: Reporter Tweets, Troops on the Streets

Over the weekend, soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment began arriving in Haiti; they set up camp on the grounds of an abandoned and damaged country club near the U.S. Embassy. On Saturday, the hospital ship USNS Comfort set sail on a short-notice humanitarian deployment to Haiti. According to American Forces Press Service, the ship is due to arrive in Port-au-Prince on Jan. 21. While en route, the hospital ship is supposed to receive an additional 350 medical personnel and support staff, which will boost the number of operating rooms available.

The strange attractor to chaos is once again…America. If you listened to the news you would think an earthquake, a country destroyed, with tens, if not hundreds of thousands killed was suppose to be back on its feet over night.  What the hell is wrong with people? Looks to me like we have learned some lessons from our past and I did not vote for President Obama. How about we stop politicizing everything, especially death and destruction in the form of mother nature and start banding together as a country. Looks like the military has once again stepped up! ~Fred

Situation Response from Gary Gagliardi

Instant situation response creates key psychological advantages. By responding quickly and appropriately to challenging situations, we creates confidence in our supporters and fear in our rivals. We improve the subjective dimensions of our position regardless of the objective rewards of our moves.

Are we as well trained as our adversaries in understanding, preparing for and responding to the human side of conflict and violence?

Bombing attempt was a test run, Ottawa fears

“That may very well have been, if you will, a kind of pilot project by the organization to see how viable [the bombing technology] was,” he told reporters yesterday. “And we have reason to believe that we have to be concerned, all of the countries of the West.”

Possible Failure as a Strategy?