LESC Links January 20th 2010

21st century deadly force training for police

We are a full decade into a new century, but the way we train police officers to employ deadly force is no different than we did a decade before the 21st century began. According to FBI statistics, 80 percent of officers killed each year in gunfights die at seven yards or less, a figure little changed in the past 30 years. Officers routinely score 100 percent at the seven yard line on the training range, but in gunfights far more than 50 percent of the bullets they fire miss the target. The low hit rate scored by police officers on the street is not a marksmanship problem.

Outstanding points made in this article. We need more much, much, more realistic training combining the cognitive and physical.  

Off-duty Philly officer shot at movie theater

The officer, whose name was not released, was waiting in line to buy tickets at another register when he saw the robbery and identified himself as a police officer, Walker said.

The gunman fired twice, striking the officer in the left shoulder and the bystander, who was standing behind him in line, in the right leg, Walker said.

The injured officer returned fire three times, but it was not known if the gunman was hit.

Thoughts and prayers! Intuitive decisions…OODA Loop

An Essential ELEMENT of Information: “So, What Kind of War and Warfare Is It?” – So far

Miranda Rights, IEDs, Counter -Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, “reasonable doubt,” Counter Insurgency, cyber war, Geneva Conventions, enemy combatants, gang warfare and Drug wars, etc., etc, are all elements that must be considered in defining or even just establishing boundary conditions in a search for “what kind of war.”  While certainly this series has not answered the question,  the intent was to put in one place, discussion of at least some of the non- core World War II, non-core Cold War elements crucial to bounding the problem, leveraging serious writers with multiple perspectives.

Project White Horse offers some great insight into crisis preparedness and collaborative efforts! Great discussions here!

Charles Cameron on Khorasan - A Muslim Once and Future Kingdom

In any event, Khorasan refers to much more than a former region of the Islamic empires.  It has a mythical meaning that is being taken seriously as a “once and future kingdom” in the millennial mindset of al-Qaida.

Insightful article to broaden our knowledge and continued learning posted at Zenpundit

Health Net Sued for HIPAA Violations

Parent company Health Net in Los Angeles last November reported to insurance officials in four states the disappearance in May of a hard drive with protected health information on 1.5 million members, including 446,000 in Connecticut. The data was not encrypted, but Health Net said it is invisible without the use of specific software. The company attributed the delay in reporting the breach to a lengthy forensic investigation to determine what information was on the hard drive