LESC Links January 21st 2010

U.S. officials fear American ex-cons are training in Yemen

U.S. officials believe that as many as three dozen Americans who converted to Islam while in prison in the United States have traveled to Yemen over the past year, possibly to be trained by Al Qaeda, according to a Senate report.
The arrivals have alarmed U.S. counter-terrorism officials, who believe that Al Qaeda in Yemen has expanded its recruitment efforts "to attract non-traditional followers" capable of carrying out more ambitious operations.

Virginia shooting suspect surrenders after all-night police chase

The Virginia gunman allegedly killed eight in Appomattox before fleeing to the woods and later turning himself in. It's the region's deadliest shooting since the 2007 Virginia Tech rampage.

“…the perimeter was manned vigilantly during the evening, but because of officer safety concerns, the state, local and federal officials were conservative in their approach.”

The shooting is thought to have been sparked by a domestic dispute.

Active shooting in the neighborhood, turned to Isolate, Contain, when ready…converge and arrest. Sounds to me like sound decision making and sound tactics, evolving with the threat. What do you think?

***The rest of the story: police as of late last night police were still in this guys home removing explosives they found.  This is an interesting case to look at tactically as the situation evolved from active shooting type scenario, to manhunt back to active shooting (at police helicopter), to eventually subject turning himself in. This required a adaptable response, maneuver,  good decision making and cool heads, as most do. Tell me what you think.  ~Fred

2 hunters prompt Texas weapons plant to shutdown

Two goose hunters inadvertently caused a security lock down in Texas at the nation's only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly plant.

Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry said plant employees on their way to work Friday saw two people in green camouflage carrying rifles about two miles south of the Pantex plant near Amarillo.

The employees notified plant officials, who called Terry's office and asked for an investigation. Pantex officials then closed the plant for a couple hours.

Terry says the hunters turned out to be Department of Energy employees assigned to the plant. Both were found to be hunting legally in an area and not on plant property.

Secure facility? Communications? Poor decision making? Systems Disruption!

Lincoln City hospital reopens after bomb threat

The Samaritan North Hospital in Lincoln City has resumed normal operations following a bomb threat earlier this morning, according to Lt. Jerry Palmer of the Lincoln City police. Emergency dispatch received the threat about 10:35 this morning. The caller said the hospital had two hours to evacuate the building before the bomb was due to go off.

Nine patients were transferred to other facilities in the area while Lincoln City police, Oregon State Police and Lincoln County sheriff's deputies searched the grounds.

Systems Disruption

Three towns consider feasibility study on shared 911 center

Officials from three towns agreed to consider a feasibility study on a regional public safety dispatch center at a meeting Thursday in Ashland.

While no official decisions have been made, Hopkinton Police Chief Tom Irvin said representatives from his town, Ashland and Southborough agreed that a regional dispatch center could potentially cut costs, and a feasibility study may be the best option to find out what those savings, if any, could be.

What are your thoughts on regionalization? What are the strengths? What are the weaknesses?

Disaster Relief 2.0: Tech Tools Help Focus Haiti Resources

With collaborative tools, disaster-response teams and relief workers can identify risk zones and emerging threats more rapidly. Courtesy of a tech community “SitRep” (situational report) created and shared by Luke Beckman of the nonprofit group InSTEDD, we have some insight into how humanitarian organizations, aid groups and the military can tap information to help in the relief effort.

Technology Enhancing the Human Effort! The balance of Explicit and Implicit information gathering!

Project White Horse 084640 – 2010 Announcement

PWH begins 2010 with four new elements which can be viewed directly by clicking on the title below each picture for that element.

  • The work of the late Col John Boyd has been at the core of much of what this website is about.  This page provides a partial archive of his work – created with the closing of White Horse advisor, Dr Chet Richards, Defense and the National Interest Website.

  • For ease of reference, all previous editions of PWH have now been archived including the e-mail announcements and Editor’s Notes.  Previous work will be increasingly leveraged in 2010.

Once again a great resource over at Project White Horse. I have been part of this diverse group of professionals for about 1 year now and have learned a lot from participating in the discussions there. If you are looking to learn-unlearn and relearn…ADAPT Project White horse is a great place to get it done.  ~Fred

Brands and Hollow Nation-States

The nation-state, as an organizational form that seized control of the world from the starting gates at the treaties of Westphalia, is losing power across the board -- due to the rise of a much larger, faster, complex, and powerful global system.  The result has been a hollowing out of the nation-state through privatization, corruption, and outright abdication (of responsibility).  With each passing year, less of the historical nation-state is left.  A process accelerated by the financial demise caused by boondoggles from foreign military adventures to propping up massive global subsystems when they get into trouble. 

Something different! Thinking about future threats and future way of living. John Robb always has something thought provoking over at Global Guerillas! Be sure to follow the comments as well.