LESC Links January 24th 2010

The U.S. Army's bottom-up training revolution By Don Vandergriff

My good friend Don Vandergriff has an outstanding article out on bottom-up training and leadership. The approach is outcome based and works at developing both cognitive decision making abilities and physical skills sets necessary to accomplish today's complex problems. ~Fred

Gen. Honoré: Evacuate most vulnerable Haitians

“Due to challenges and logistical issues, they use the food they have and what they can get their hands on. I would use the word "looting" lightly -- these people are surviving. It's reminiscent of what was seen during Katrina in the convention center. They survived because they found food in the surrounding areas.”

The moral, mental and physical realms of conflict which are ever present in our daily lives become much more pronounced in survival situations. Rule sets change in survival situations. This is a great interview describing the transition, how to adapt and overcome.~Fred

Shots Fired and Saying Too Little on the Radio

The phrase, “shots fired”, lacks so much information. Yet every so often I hear those two words blurted out on the radio by an excited officer without any other explanation. Then every officer who heard it gets worked up and most start running code to the location of the officer who said it.

Ideally, in these situations no one else gets on the radio so the officer in trouble has free airtime to give everyone more information. But if that officer doesn’t provide that information, eventually someone has to ask him, “What is going on?”

Communication between those responding is critical. What is the right balance in communication between those responding to ensure the correct, safe and effective response is made? Spartan Cops bring up some great points in this article we should all utilize. ~Fred

Taliban Overhaul Image to Win Allies

The Taliban’s spiritual leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, issued a lengthy directive late last spring outlining a new code of conduct for the Taliban. The dictates include bans on suicide bombings against civilians, burning down schools, or cutting off ears, lips and tongues.

Winning the hearts and minds with a kinder gentler approach???~Fred

Intel chief: Detroit bomb case mishandled

The nation's intelligence chief on Wednesday conceded missteps in the government's handling of the Christmas Day airline bombing attempt, but his comments about the failure to use a special federal interrogation team may have amounted to a misstep of his own.

Emerging threats and rapidly changing conditions. Where is the “game plan” for dealing with these issues that will continue to take place here at home?   We must adapt when the threat comes to our shores! What is law enforcement to do if they encounter a terrorist such as in Detroit? or even worse,  what if there are multiple plots  and subjects in custody do we wait for a special unit to  interrogate or do we begin the process of getting information in an effort to save lives? I cannot believe we have not thought about  and planned for this until now. when will we open our eyes to the changing world? Talk about systems disruption ~Fred

Massachusetts Police Legal News

Great web-site here for Massachusetts cops looking to stay updated on the latest cases. You can also comment on the cases, enhancing your knowledge and abilities. ~Fred

Neuroscientists Say Brain Scans Can Spot PTSD

“The study could be a breakthrough for the military, who’ve been scrambling to address a surge in post-traumatic symptoms among newly returning vets. Right now, troops are evaluated by mental health experts, but diagnosis is a crap-shoot: Symptoms can take years to show up, and vary from person to person, even among those exposed to the same traumas.”

In the aftermath of conflict and violence we are in need of assistance. The psychological cost of conflict and violence we lose many personnel too. Maybe this research  is a step to ensuring all get the proper assistance in dealing with violence in its aftermath. ~Fred