LESC Links January 26th 2010

Fla. girl dies after crash with deputy's patrol car

A 14-year-old girl who was due to have her braces off in two weeks died after a collision with a deputy's patrol car over the weekend.

"Had his [emergency] lights been on, she would have never have made that turn,"

The Sheriff's Office is investigating the crash. Officials could not say Sunday whether the deputy was responding to a call or off duty at the time.

Decision making and using a strategic and tactical mindset verses false sense of urgency. failure to think can be very costly! ~Fred

Lawyer: Mass. man was beaten at police DUI checkpoint

“A man whose family believes he was beaten by police at a sobriety checkpoint died of blunt trauma to the head, torso and chest, and a state medical examiner ruled his death a homicide.

Authorities have said Howe was taken into custody for striking a trooper and attempting to flee. They say he slumped over and became unresponsive while being booked at the state police barracks. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.”

This case happened back in November here in Massachusetts and just ruled a homicide. It should have us thinking about “Use of Force and reasonableness” as well as perception. Also the aftermath of police use of force…A case I will watch closely as it goes through the system. ~Fred

SC cop fights with deputies after getting ticketed

"You know, I pull people over for driving 100 mph - you know what they say? 'I'm a narcotics officer in an unmarked vehicle.' 'Great, well slow it down, have a good night,' " Phinney explained. "As long as they show me a badge, I don't care."

Ethics and policing! Professional courtesy or what's fair is fair?  There also a video for your review ~Fred

New bin Laden tape emerges

The tape, which aired on the Arabic-language news Web site Al-Jazeera on Sunday, says "the United States will not dream of enjoying safety until we live it in reality in Palestine."

The tape continues: "It is not fair to enjoy that kind of life while our brothers in Gaza live in the worst of miseries."

U.S. warns against having same airport security systems

"What we want to avoid is a 'cookie cutter' (identical) approach, because then the terrorists know about the approach and they plan around it,"

Randomness and Rethinking Security! ~Fred

Haiti Reality Check-AAR by former Marine…

“We were – and the team continues to be – FIRST RESPONDERS to wounds now over ten days old. First, please follow the Team Rubicon blog. There are some very candid assessments there. The situation is grim.

Once again, we are witnessing the impotence of western power to deal with disasters/emergencies;for either out of lack of compassion, political correctness, or because the institutions set up to take care of emergencies are so overburdened with layers of bureaucracy that they are ineffective.

When the Red Cross told our team not to deploy but to donate money to the Red Cross, we knew something was wrong. When we asked a Red Cross volunteer to start providing water/food to Hatians near our refugee camp, he said they weren't organized to do so. But continue to give them your money anyways.”

Check out the rest of this post over at Don Vandergriff's web-site. This AAR sounds rather grim due to failure to adapt and leadership issues! The writer has some solutions however worth listening too. ~Fred

Man Arrested After Firing Shots on Texas Capitol's Steps

“The shots rang out just after noon, and officers with rifles quickly swarmed the scene. More than a half dozen Department of Public Safety cars quickly appeared, and troopers quickly surrounded the building.”

…"An individual came into my Austin Senate office today acting strangely, staff called security, moments later shots fired on Capitol steps.”

Rapid Response to an active shooting! Preparation? ~Fred

Meth Lab Explosion Blows Door Off Hotel Room

“The suspects put innocent individuals’ lives in danger and that is unfortunate. Manufacturing methamphetamine is very dangerous,”

Disneyland has a new meaning! Whose sleeping in the room next door? :) ~Fred 

Salem 2 nuclear reactor automatically shuts down because of problem with feedwater pump

“The Salem 2 nuclear reactor was shut down Thursday evening due to low water levels in one of the steam generators at the facility, according to a spokesman for the plant’s operator.
The reactor automatically went off line at 6:20 p.m., according to PSEG Nuclear’s spokesman.”

Crisis preparedness is my thought on this incident. How prepared are we? ~Fred

Missing nuclear gauge found alongside road

The company discovered the device was missing during a Jan. 4 inventory but waited 10 days before reporting it to the DEP, according to the state agency.

CYA over security? ~Fred

Nuke plant may dismiss guard whose gun went off

The Indian Point security guard who fired his weapon inside a building at the nuclear plant could be fired.

Could consistent training be an issue? ~Fred

Duke University to develop dirty bomb radiation test

"The problem is that right now, we don't have any way to rapidly screen thousands of people to determine their level of radiation exposure. Many people who suffer radiation injury can recover and survive if they are promptly and properly treated."

Crisis Preparedness for a worst case scenario! ~Fred