LESC Links January 27th 2010

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Thank you! Thanks to your support. Because of it we outgrow our site and had to migrate to a new design. Come check us out! Thanks to Pedro Marcano the webmaster for his work. Could not do it with it you Pedro! ~Fred


“The shift to institutionalism is also a good predictor of our future.  Financial capitalism, the owner of Western Civilization's Universal Empire is an institution.  It has taken on a life of its own at the global level and is no longer an instrument of cultural advancement for Western Civilization.  It will advance its interests at the expense of everything else.  From outright fraud (the Shadow Banking system) to rentier lawfare (the proliferation of intellectual property protection to usury), financial capitalism will enrich itself mightily while the world stagnates endlessly.” 

John Robb of Global Guerillas gets you thinking again with this post. What will conflict of the future look like? A link to the book The Evolution of Civilizations he discusses. IT FREE! ~Fred

Mass. police take searches to the technology highway

While searching for a suspect or a missing person or investigating other types of cases, police continue to use tactics used since the beginning of law enforcement.

They hit the streets, knock on doors, track addresses and seek out informants.

But in these times police also find themselves hitting the virtual world of online social networking and gaming Web sites to find information.

Such was the case in Barre earlier this month when police were looking for a 13-year-old runaway girl from their town. The search ended about a week later when she was found safe in a Worcester apartment.

Good old police work and technology mix implicit and explicit information to get the job done. The Devil is most definitely in the details. ~Fred

NY officers confuse candy for crack, arrest two

New York police are refusing to apologize to two men arrested for drug possession and held for a week over what turned out to be a bag of candy.

??? Not sure what to think of this one, but I had to post it! It happens! Lessons learned…we hope! :) ~Fred

Seattle officer fired for dishonesty gets job back

Werner maintained he forgot about punching an agitated man when he was initially questioned in 2007 by Seattle police during an investigation into the man's complaint that he was repeatedly tazed.

Ethics and integrity are critical to this profession. Its a short article that speaks to dishonesty, but you make the call! ~Fred

NJ police thwart potential attack, seize man's weapons

A New Jersey judge set bail Tuesday at $75,000 for a Virginia man facing charges after authorities seized rifles, a grenade launcher, a night vision scope and a map of a U.S. military facility from a motel room where he was staying.

Good proactive police work! ~Fred

NM city releases video of officer 'pummeling' teen

The city on Wednesday released a surveillance video showing a four-year veteran of the Santa Fe Police Department pummeling a handcuffed teenager at the Santa Fe Police Station as two other officers look on.

The tape shows officer David Smoker - who was fired after the incident - throwing 17-year-old Brendon Singer to the floor and delivering blows to the teenager's head, buttocks and spine.

Not a good situation viewed here…Remember strength of character and to intervene when a officer loses his cool. If your hot about a situation go type a report, or walk away and let a brother officers. Do not take things personally when dealing with verbal abuse from people. We must maintain mental calmness under pressure and keep the moral high ground. in this case the officer was way over the top! ~Fred

Teen violist alleges Pittsburgh police brutality

"I feel that my son was racially profiled," Terez Miles said. "It's a rough neighborhood; it was after dark. ... They assumed he was up to no good because he's black. My son, he knows nothing about the streets at all. He's had a very sheltered life, he's very quiet, he doesn't know police officers sit in cars and stalk people like that."

The Moral, mental and physical dimensions of conflict. Where did we win? Where did we lose? ~Fred

How to Identify Nonverbal Indicators of Violence

Touching one’s head. Clenching one’s fists. Removing clothing. Keeping an eye out for these types of actions and stopping a student before a situation escalates will enable school staff to maintain a safe environment.

Recognizing the signs and signals. ~Fred