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AU: Workplace bullying – don’t be caught out in the crackdown

With all the activity surrounding the introduction of Modern Awards and the National Employment Standards under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (“FW Act”), employers should be mindful not to drop the ball with their other legal obligations, in particular those under occupational health and safety (“OHS”) laws. One area under OHS that needs constant attention is that of bullying in the workplace.

Costs of bullying
In recent surveys and reports it has been stated that:

Close to one third of over 2,000 people surveyed in 2008 said they had been bullied at work, with close to half having witnessed bullying or discrimination occurring against a co-worker.
Bullying costs Australian employers between $6 billion and $13 billion per year, including due to:

  • Lost time due to absenteeism or injuries;
  • Lost productivity;
  • Reduced morale;
  • High turnovers;
  • Workers’ compensation claims; and
  • Litigation costs.

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Structured Analytic Techniques for Better Strategy From The Red Team Journal

Good strategy is elusive. Some people can read The Art of War every day and never generate a single good strategy, while others can outthink Sun Tzu without ever opening a book. Reading can help, and so can training, but the effect is limited when an exploitable mindset prevails. Americans, for example, tend to emphasize technology and forget that every gadget comes with at least one new liability, usually several. Continue reading

Online video has cops sickened, outraged

A hateful video praises the killer of a Detroit officer and calls for the murder of more cops

In the very small hours of the morning on Monday, May 3rd, 42-year-old Detroit police Officer Brian Huff was shot and killed — and four of his fellow officers were shot and wounded — in a gun battle with a 25-year-old man with a history of violence against police.

The officers had responded to a 911 call reporting shots fired. According to one news report, the officers entered the home and "were met with heavy gunfire." Officer Huff, a 12-year veteran of the force, and his partner were the first to arrive at the house, considered by many who know the area to be a drug house. That a pound of marijuana was reportedly recovered from the scene would seem to verify that widely-held suspicion. :

It is a sickening disgrace that at least one member of the community is responding to the incident by creating a hateful video praising the Detroit killer and calling for the murder of more cops. The YouTube video speaks for itself. The video was posted by an individual with the username "NatTurnersArmy" — according to his online profile, this person has 54 "subscribers," another 72 "friends," and apparently hates "ALL police both local (Washtenaw County PD) and the feds."  Continue reading

This is a disturbing and  evolving trend that is a potential threat to all in law enforcement and the law abiding citizens they protect.. Read the article  and attempt to keep emotion in check as it is disturbing to think that a person  who kills a cop will be supported by anyone, let  alone call for the murders of more cops! Yet as professionals we must maintain our calm and look to the deeper roots of his problem and answer some questions. Why is it people would do such a thing and call for the murder of cops who we all know are out there to protect ad serve the people? What breeds this attitude, is it fear and intimidation? Is just plain tolerance and allowing crime and violence to unfold as long as it does not effect you or a loved on?  As cops should we be more engaged with the community to help those we serve understand what it is we do and why and how we do it? Will a persistent presence in the community in a real effort to build TRUST and training those we serve help in stopping such nonsense? How do we in law enforcement, the protectors of society, get those we serve to understand the complexity of policing and that when violence rears its ugliness, its just plain ugly?

Sometimes in honorable efforts to stop violence  people get hurt, and people die, that's the sad reality of policing. Police nationwide use force in les than 1% of all encounters, which in my view is a testament to their efforts to deescalate violence…its time people understand this fact and begin to support those willing to lay their lives down while getting it done and band together with the police, that's right actually work together collaboratively to stop the hate breeding people who are out there spreading their message to insight violence.  Cops need to get out of our cars and actually take ownership of the communities they work for and build true relationships with those we serve. The answer lies in cops and communities working together. Failing to do so will only lead to more of this and ultimately an escalation in both crime and violence. ~Fred

The Badge: Much More Than a Piece of Medal

By Fred Leland

There is a great video over at Police Dynamics, posted by Ray Nash, entitled The Classic Challenge to a Police Officer. It sets out the challenge for us cops to stand behind the honor and integrity of the all important BADGE!

At times we cops can get wrapped up in our own egos and take things too personally when we interact with the subjects that we come across on the streets. When we take things personally in the performance of our duties we sometimes lose sight of what the BADGE and the authority behind it stands for and represents. What does the badge represent? It represents the people we protect and serve; our communities, the government and ultimately every cop who has ever worn the badge. It’s those who have performed the duties of a police officer and have sweat and fought, been bloodied, cried, and sometimes died upholding the honor behind that badge.

Our personal egos and agendas mean nothing when compared to the honor and integrity of the badge. Too many of us cops are trying to prove our toughness instead of proving our effectiveness in resolving the complex problems that we face, as they unfold. If our personal agenda is the priority when we as public SERVANTS carry out our duties, then our egos run the risk of superseding the responsibility that is represented by our wearing of the badge. I’ve heard it said, when ego goes up, good common sense decision making goes down. When this happens, then mistakes happen!

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