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Brookline Police Officer Missing

Police are asking the public for assistance in finding Police Officer Thomas Shea, 41, of Canton, who was last seen with a friend in Natick on Aug. 16. Continue reading


113 Police Officers Killed in the line of duty a 27% increase over last year at this time.

This is a statistic we must work hard to change as the threats towards law enforcement evolve. I believe it can be done with a change of mind set and training that creates and nurtures adaptability. this means changing our culture to one that understands the importance of individual officers abilities to decide and apply tactics at the street level. As well as and in the words of  the master of small unit tactics H. John Poole:

“…individual officers understanding they must constantly adapt to his circumstances and transcend technique. Making his technique almost instinctive, he is able to focus on his adversary. By constantly refining those techniques, he maintains his proficiency at tactical option decision making.” .  ~From  the book The Tigers Way


Fighting Complacency Reminder: Nothing We Do is Routine, NOTHING!!!

I put this Fighting Complacency reminder together so department s could download and post in the squad room in a place for all to see. you can also reduce them in size and make pocket or cruiser cards so you are constantly reminding yourself to be aware!!! You can down load the PDF file at the bottom of the page. Continue reading


MOJO: Get It Working! Book Review

MOJO How to Get it, How to Keep It, How to get it Back If You Lose It by Marshall Goldsmith was a great read, or I should say listen. I bought the audio version. The book is an uplifting read that gets you to think about yourself and how others may perceive you in both your professional and personal life. Marshall Goldsmith  also provides insightful methodologies for self assessment and improvement such as 360 degree assessments where the frontline reviews YOU “the leader.”   Now would that be interesting…How do you serve those you lead based not on your view, but theirs???

Mojo is that much-desired sweet spot where everything is going the right way, that moment when we do something that’s purposeful, powerful, and positive and the rest of the world recognizes it. Continue reading


Debunking the myth of 'customer service' in law enforcement by LT Jim Glennon

Treating our 'customers' with dignity and respect is a laudable, achievable goal — but the traditional concepts of customer service just don't apply to cops Continue reading


Chicago gangs vs. Chicago cops

CHICAGO — The number of police officers shot in Chicago is escalating, most recently two wounded early Wednesday, and gang leaders here say they are being unfairly blamed for the escalating violence that has rocked the city this year.

In an unusual move, gang representatives held a press conference Thursday on the city's far West Side to tell their side of the story - in the face of law-enforcement threats to come after them via a federal statute that targets organized crime. Their point: They can't put a stop all street violence, and Chicago police themselves have a lot to answer for in their own behavior.

Street violence "is not always organized. It's spontaneous," community activist Wallace Bradley, a former member of the notorious Gangster Disciple gang, told the Sun-Times Thursday.Continue reading

Hostage taker shot at Discovery Channel headquarters

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Police shot a man upset with the Discovery Channel network's programming who took three people hostage at the company's headquarters Wednesday, officials said. All three hostages escaped safely.

Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger said he did not know whether police killed the gunman, who was upset about the network's programming. Police spent several hours negotiating with him after he burst into the suburban Washington building about 1 p.m. waving a handgun and with canisters strapped to his body.Continue reading


The Third Jihad

Scary stuff here. Well worth watching this video. ~Fred


A Botched Hostage Rescue in the Philippines analysis by STRATFOR

On Aug. 23, Rolando Mendoza, a former senior police inspector with the Manila police department, boarded a tourist bus in downtown Manila and took control of the vehicle, holding the 25 occupants (tourists from Hong Kong and their Philippine guides) hostage. Mendoza, who was dressed in his police inspector’s uniform, was armed with an M16-type rifle and at least one handgun.

According to the police, Mendoza had been discharged from the department after being charged with extortion. Mendoza claimed the charges were fabricated and had fought a protracted administrative and legal battle in his effort to be reinstated. Apparently, Mendoza’s frustration over this process led to his plan to take the hostages. The fact that Mendoza entertained hope of regaining his police job by breaking the law and taking hostages speaks volumes about his mental state at the time of the incident.

Read more: A Botched Hostage Rescue in the Philippines | STRATFOR

Tom Peters on Creativity and Education 

This is a great VIDEO about 4 Minutes long and worth your time. ~Fred


Counterinsurgents Benefit from Police Tactics Experience

Hat tip to Mark Safranski aka ZENPUNDIT for forwarding e this webcast. be sure to check out Marks blog as well for great information on strategy. I learn a great deal from reading his active web-site.  ~Fred

The COIN Center hosted police trainer and author Jack Colwell from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department for a COIN Center Brownbag Webcast 25 August. With him was the co-author of his book and KCMO PD's chief door kicker, Chip Huth. These men discovered through experience how police officers (and all other "counterinsurgents") must maintain dignity and respect of all people in their operational environment when conducting operations, including dangerous "take-downs". There were so many parallels in COIN theory and practice, that the COIN Center asked them to conduct a web-cast. Continue reading

Two Of Alaska Village's Four Officers Fatally Shot

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A man accused of killing two police officers in a small Alaska village surrendered to authorities Monday.

John Marvin Jr. turned himself in shortly before 10 a.m., according to a local official in the southeast Alaska village of Hoonah.

Marvin, 45, was taken with no injuries, said Bob Prunella, acting administrator in Hoonah, located on an island about 40 miles west of Juneau.

Marvin barricaded himself in his home after the shootings of officers Tony Wallace and Matt Tokuoka late Saturday. The officers died sometime after the shootings, Prunella said. Continue reading


I have received a lot of great feedback on these two articles from an ongoing series I have started here called Street Level Red Teaming:  The focus is to get you to think about situations from not only your perspective but also from the perspective of an adversary.

I have reposted them here just in case you may have missed them.


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