Man shoots at police 100 times in Vienna Township

VIENNA TOWNSHIP, Michigan -- A man barricaded in his home shot at police about 100 times before shooting himself in the chest.

No police officers were hurt.

"It was just by the grace of God that nobody was killed," said Sheriff Robert J. Pickell. The man, who had no previous criminal history, used three different assault rifles to shoot at police.

Richard Gary Schempf Jr., 47, was in critical condition at Hurley Medical Center on Saturday.

Pickell said police were called to a home on Hollywood Boulevard near the Auto City Speedway about 7:30 p.m. on Friday with reports of shots being fired.

Police showed up at the house next door to Shempf's because the address called in was slightly off, Pickell said.

Schempf fired numerous shots at two sheriff's deputies and two paramedics, but all the shots missed. The deputies and paramedics took cover but did not return fire, Pickell said.

State police and several other police agencies also responded, but Pickell said they decided not to return fire because they didn't know if Schempf had a hostage or if anyone else was in the house. Continue reading