Oakland Police Shooting Report with Insights from Attorney/COP Ron Sellon

Over on Massachusetts Police Legal News Attorney/COP Ron Sellon offers some valuable insight into the lessons learned from the after action review released last month on the Oakland PD March 21st incident that left 4 police officers dead in a  2 hour time frame.  In the end failure to critique  our responses in a candid and honest way leads to more deaths and doing things the same way we always have. Sir Winston Churchill once said, “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”  My question. Is this your mindset? If so change it! Ron does this review in the most humble and thoughtful way. Please heed the lessons.

“I have significant misgivings about second guessing anyone involved in a critical incident for very personal reasons, but we cannot let the lessons that this tells us go unheard. If we do not as a profession learn from the mistakes others have made then their deaths are wasted, and if one life is saved it is well worth it. So many mistakes tactically were made now in hindsight, but I am going to point out a few that on each level of the “Management chain”.

While you are over on the Police Legal News site check out he other valuable information on recent cases and laws that effect how we perform of duties. These guys are doing some great work at this site, helping cops.

Stay Oriented!